"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

ten on ten

It's the tenth of the month again so it's time for my ten on ten post- ten photos over ten hours- documenting the beauty in the every day. It was a busy day- although I couldn't tell you much about what was achieved.. washing, walking, shopping -that kind of thing. My day looks very pretty if you just look at the photos- this is just a bit of what my tenth looked like..

::  8:04    sideboard with red roses from the garden (they smell beautiful)
:: 10:02   colourful poodles arriving at the pet shop
:: 10:04   lanterns- a common sight in our suburb
:: 11:08  a pineapple snack
:: 11.43   bottle brush (& a bee if you look closely)
:: 11:57   a feather on the pavement
:: 12:36  Poppy in our back yard
::  2:37   mango smoothie & a book while I wait
::  3:32   in the hardware store- I bought garden scissors but the paint charts were pretty to photograph
::  4:01   pink roses & afternoon light

Sunday, March 11, 2018

ten on ten

I've missed a few ten on tens but yesterday got back into the groove. Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth of the month... 

this is a bit of what my day looked like ..

6.49am     sunflower in the morning light- camera settings not quite right but a little arty perhaps?
7.17am     sideboard- some instant film that I've been playing around with
7.28am     coffee
9.38am     same sunflower, different camera settings
10.23am   more coffee
10.57am   Poppy feeling relaxed
2.53pm     magpie on the fence
2.54pm     pink camelia
4.14pm     finally getting ready to hang pictures- just need to get one more black frame (the baby in that picture is now 18!)
6.52pm    ready to go to a party (wrong camera settings again!) 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

a waterfall

We discovered this waterfall just a few suburbs away from us- a small patch of bush in a very residential area- a treasure! Given the fact it has been so dry lately we were delighted to find that water was flowing. 

I found this quote about mindfulness and waterfalls which I thought was quite good......especially as my mind has been super active lately :)

"Another way to look at meditation is to view the process of thinking itself as a waterfall, a continual cascading of thought. In cultivating mindfulness we are going beyond or behind our thinking, much the way you might find a vantagepoint in a cave or depression in a rock behind a waterfall. We still see and hear the water, but we are out of the torrent" Jon Kabat-Zinn

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


On Wednesdays I drive one of my sons to a day program on a farm in Dural, about 40 minutes from my house. It doesn't sound far but by the time I get him out of the car, chat to the staff, stop at the shops on my way home to get a few things it can be almost lunchtime by the time I get home. So today I took my camera and drove an extra 10 minutes to a nearby park and went for a walk and took some photos. And now it is nearly lunchtime - my photos are on the computer, I'll do a few more chores and then I'll go back to Dural to get him.

Friday, February 2, 2018


 Beautiful Sydney is always inspiring but I had a particularly wonderful day yesterday with the lovely Justine. We met at the Museum of Contemporary Art and participated in a free tour of some art collections that engage with language and texts. It was so interesting and so helpful having artists intentions communicated to us by our fabulous guide (and we were the only ones on the tour!)

So after feeling very cultured and inspired we spent the rest of our time together plotting and planning our photographic project ideas for the year. We've decided for February we are going to take photos of windows so looked out for all sorts of windows as we wandered around the harbour.

Here are just a few of the windows that we found....

Monday, January 29, 2018

taking stock 2018

Happy New Year! December and January have been both busy and relaxing, spending time with family and friends and doing all of those things that summer enables. It's been pretty hot in our part of the world so its been glorious to spend time outdoors in the early morning & the late evening. There's been plenty of walking, swimming, eating and drinking. Not so much photo taking but I did try a new video app (one second everyday) and made a little video of our holiday by the beach over Christmas and New Year. It was fun.
I have been thinking recently about this space and I do want to keep posting here. I don't look at many blogs these days- and I don't think many people look at mine but I do like it as a way of documenting  parts of my days, a reason to keep on taking photos and a way to stop and reflect every now and then. 
So my first post for 2018, and probably my only post for January,  I will  do a taking stock post.... thinking about what's happening for me right now..

Making : plans to have some structure in my week
Cooking : trying some new things- Ive bought a couple of magazines to be inspired
Drinking : iced water with lime- perfect for this weather
Reading: an old book of short stories by Katherine Mansfield, found on the bookshelf and belonging to my husband who studied it in his final year of high school - still has pencil comments in the margins
Next read: I have a list but have seen "Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine" in a few places so I might give that a go.
Wanting: magical answers to difficult issues
Enjoying: thinking about getting back into a rhythm
Liking: sunny days
Wondering: where the time has gone and what's around the corner
Loving: seeing my boys being men- my baby turned 18 last week!
Considering: doing some sort of creative course
Buying: clothes and shoes on line- quite successfully
Watching: just finished Alias Grace- loved it!
Next watch: more episodes of the Office
Hoping: to carve time out each day to create
Needing: to delete the rest of the prompts...even though I'm answering with the first thing that I think of -its taking too much time :) 
Knowing: that it is just fine to stop here. 

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Inspired by Pip as always.